GEAR RENTALS: We rent all kinds of audio gear-mostly for theatres. We have lots of specialized gear for musical theatre. Download our inventory catalog for more details. 


DESIGN: Many times clients are looking for system design or system improvements. We have worked with many theatres about what gear to purchase and how to utilize their inventory to improve their sound systems or overcome issues with their current configurations while staying on budget. 


SOUND SYSTEM TUNING: This makes all the difference in clarity.  Its the foundation of a good sound system. Many theatres will buy great equipment-intall it-but still does not sound clear and balanced. Proper sound system EQ and speaker time alignment make a huge difference in the overall sound. It prevents feedback and helps balance the sound levels in the theatre. It also helps reduce a lot of guess work and frustration. 


WIRELESS FREQUENCY CORRDINATION: Lots of wireless mics-with digital TV stations and the FCC cutting frequency's out of the user RF spectrum make frequency more and more important. The more wireless being used in productions with wireless clear com, wireless DMX, and many other wireless being used and become cheaper have made the available frequencies available very difficult. Without proper corrdination-wireless mics audio drop out, cancel each other out, and a host of other problems come up. We rent gear to help choose the best frequencies for your venue and can also come onsite to help if needed.